Kamrin, Exercise 22, Object 1: Pectoral

Pectoral of Princess Mereret

The Princess Mereret (Mereret B) was a daughter of Khakaure Senwosret III, this pectoral comes from her tomb in the lower galleries of the pyramid complex of her father at Dahshur.
In this object we find the name of her father Khakaure Senwosret III.
This object part of the “Treasure of Dhashur” has been discovered by Jacques De Morgan in 1894 and is exposed in the Cairo Museum (JE30875).

“Between 1894 and 1895 Jacques de Morgan discovered several rich tombs in the Dahshur necropolis. The first tombs were found during his 1894 excavations, around the pyramid of Senwosret III and contained the burials of royal ladies, arranged in two galleries. Above the ground the tombs were constructed in the form of small pyramids. Hidden inside a burial chamber, de Morgan found the treasures of Princess Sithathor, a daughter of Senwosret II, consisting of a rich cache of jewellery which included a magnificent pectoral of Senwosret II (now in Cairo Museum) and a scarab of Senwosret III as well as other items of jewellery. Further down the same corridor de Morgan discovered the jewels of Queen Meret, a daughter (or wife) of Senwosret III. This included two beautiful pectorals and a range of scarabs and rings bearing the names of Senwosret III and Amenemhet III.”

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