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Collier&Manley Anki Flashcards Decks shared

To make things easier for people that want to use the Collier&Manley Anki Flashcards, I shared the decks on Anki website; this means that you have one more choice to make decks available on your computer: you can easily download … Continue reading

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Anki Flashcards Decks – Detailed Instructions

Since several people asked for more detailed instructions on how to use the Anki flashcard decks I prepared this little step-by-step HowTo guide. Step 1 – Download and Installing Anki If you have already installed Anki on your computer jump … Continue reading

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The Rock Tombs of Meir Collier&Manley’s book “How to Read Egyptian” is mainly based upon stelae conserved in the British Museum but several examples are taken from scenes depicted in Middle Kingdom tombs at Meir. Every time I study a … Continue reading

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